Toast the New Year at Bonnie’s Global Café


Come as you are and choose your own chair. Since this is a virtual place, there is room for absolutely everybody. And, of course, children are welcome. As a special event to celebrate each other, our work, our Community, let’s set aside one minute to reflect on our blessings and our challenges. Include the World Forum Community in your stories and toasts. One minute to think of each other. We welcome you to write a toast for others to enjoy. Email us and we will post it here! Imagine we are sitting at a table together, sipping something delicious, what would you say to Roger and me and others at our table?



A Toast from Camarrah Morgan, United States:
As we rest with celebration about this 2016 year, remember to acknowledge the small wins along your journey.  We can sometimes be overwhelmed by the magnitude of our work such that we miss the magnificence of our being in this place a this time.

So to you, my World Forum family, I send first appreciation for your courage, strength, perseverance and passion to make change real for our world.

And I send my deepest, heartfelt encouragement for a new year of opportunities to share kindness and hope. Through this family of advocates, we are connected to create bridges for the youngest among us.  You continually inspire my spirit to keep moving each and every day!

May this season be a space of well needed rest, uncontrollable laughter and an abundance of joy for you and yours.

A Toast from Ron Blatz, Canada:  I recently heard someone refer to a group as a “Tribe of Lovers”.  I think of my World Forum family as a “Tribe of Lovers”, men and women who make great sacrifice to show children everywhere that they are loved, valued, and care about.  Heroes who sometimes work under horrendous situations yet refuse to give in to hate, knowing that love is a better way and living that out for the next generation to see.  May 2017 be a year of great opportunity for each one of you.  See you all soon in New Zealand, I can hardly wait.  Love, prayers and best wishes from Canada on our 150th  birthday.

A toast from Luis Hernandez, United States:  a popular toast in  many Spanish speaking countries is:  ” Amor y Dinero…porque la Belleza Sobra “….roughly translates  ” To Love and Money …because there’s Plenty of Beauty to go around “…… I can not think of a more beautiful bunch of folks than those who live , breathe, and perspire to make the World Forum happen……….to the Beauty in each of you….SALUD !!……..

A toast from Vishakha Deshpande, India: Hey Santa Claus Roger! Santa Claus Bonnie! Let me see your big fat red bag! What wonderful gifts there, for the whole Early Childhood world! Kuddos! You make the smile.

A toast from Selena Fox, New Zealand: Dear WF Family… We are looking forward to seeing you here…. in Auckland, NZ in May… as we come together once again in support of our global early chilhdood communities and initiatives, families, teacher education and young children… See you very soon for time together, learning together, fun together and chocolate fish.

A toast from Karma Gayleg, Bhutan: Here is to Roger, Bonnie and the World Forum Community for inspiring hope and optimism in a world inflicted with conflict and violence. It is only through your vision and leadership that many families and children are able to smile and believe that there is a future.

A toast from Kirsten Haugen, United States:  Through challenges from the political to the personal, I continually draw strength and inspiration from my World Forum family and the beautiful ways you each continually think of and work for the children in our world. My world is bigger and brighter because of each one of you. Thank you.

A toast from Helle Nebelong, Denmark: Dear Bonnie and Roger, Thank you for having me in the World Forum Family. Being global and connected with so many wonderful people from around the world has given me a 360 degrees horizon and a courage to work steadily for my mission: connecting children with nature and advocating for children’s right to free play and to grow up in a healthy society.

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