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Today’s Special

UNITED KINGDOM — David Wright, Paint Pots Nursery, Southampton Reflects on the World Forum

“…a democratic organization that encourages ordinary people to come together to do extraordinary things.”

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Global Updates

Myanmar — K Seng Raw Shares Perspective on Current Crisis

We asked K Seng Raw, WF National Representative and newly appointed Program Director for Pann Pyoe Lett Foundation, to help us understand the conflict in her country

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Meet People

Kishor Shrestha and Mahen Shrestha Introduce Global Family Village

We took BGCafé to Kathmandu to visit the office of Global Family Village-Nepal, where Kishor Shrestha, WFF Board of Directors, connected us with Mahen Shrestha.

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WoFo News

World Forum National Rep. Laura Henry Meets with Dalai Lama

Early Years expert, Laura Henry, this week met His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, during the spiritual leader’s two-day visit to the city of Derry/Londonderry.

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Share Stories

ITALY — Amelia Gambetti Reflects on the Beauty of Nature 

“It is one thing to learn about our world from authorities, experts and media, and it’s quite different to be informed by people we know and respect.”

 Amelia Gambetti reflects on her travels to the Arctic and Antarctica.

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À La Carte

Enjoy Your Free Copy of the Neugeberry Cookbook

We are proud of the food served here at the Café, and every year we collect our new favorite recipes and create a cookbook to share.  Enjoy this recipe collection from 2016 and share a special recipe of your own for us to try here at Bonnie’s Global Café.  Be sure to include the story behind the recipe, as we all know that cooking together, sharing food together, builds community.

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