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Meeting the Needs of Marginalized Children in Cambodia

Savy Lach, a World Forum Global Leader from Cambodia describes his work with marginalized children.

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AFGHANISTAN — Najeebullah Musafirzada Talks about Conflict

What is life like everyday for children living in conflict?

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Global Updates

Insights from Pakistan’s Minister of State

Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman will surprise you.  

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WoFo News

Elsa Chahin Challenges Delegates to Care for Children without Homes

In her plenary address, “Nurturing Children in Institutional Settings,” Elsa Chahin observes that children without families are often denied the joys and rights that children living in families experience.  

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LEBANON — May Ajram Shares Her Passion

“How do we find our professional passion?  Global Leader for Young Children, May Ajram shares how she found early childhood education as her lifelong commitment.”

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