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Today’s Special

Iris Chin Ponte Shares a Recipe From Her Portuguese Heritage

Thanks to Iris we’re featuring Vavo’s recipe here in the Café!

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Global Updates

Uganda — Meet Global Leader Esther Nasikye Sharing about Children’s Rights in Refugee Camps

Esther Nasikye shares a story that demonstrates that even in challenging situations children do indeed know and stand up for their rights.

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WoFo News

It’s Macao!

Join early childhood professionals and advocates from around the world who will assemble in Macao…

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À La Carte

Enjoy Your Free Copy of the 2017 Neugeberry Cookbook

We are proud of the food served here at the Café, and every year we collect our new favorite recipes…

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Share Stories

ZIMBABWE — Bernadette Tachivona and Glenda Takavadi Share Music

Enjoy learning about the mbira and listening to a welcome to school song for children through this presentation by two Global Leaders from Africa.

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Meet People

CAMBODIA — Meet Saren Sok — Principal, New Hope Cambodia

Every child is important to his or her own family and community, but also to the well-being of the global economy and the future of mankind.

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