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Follow Bonnie and Roger to Macao!

Our first Bangladesh experience was a reunion dinner Flambé restaurant with old friends who have been to World Forums over the years.

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Meet People

Passion Statements from Around the World

We’ve asked people we meet to tell us what they are passionate about…

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À La Carte

Iris Chin Ponte Shares a Recipe From Her Portuguese Heritage

Thanks to Iris we’re featuring Vavo’s recipe here in the Café!

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Share Stories

MARCH 8 is International Women’s Day

NEPAL — Agatha Thapa, Founder Seto Gurans National Child Development Services, provided care and education experiences for untouchable children.

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WoFo News


Global Updates

Uganda — Meet Global Leader Esther Nasikye Sharing about Children’s Rights in Refugee Camps

Esther Nasikye shares a story that demonstrates that even in challenging situations children do indeed know and stand up for their rights.

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