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Fresh New Dish!

 Today’s Special

Toast the New Year at Bonnie’s Global Café

Come as you are and choose your own chair. Since this is a virtual place, there is room for absolutely everybody. And, of course, children are welcome. As a special event to celebrate each other, our work, our Community, let’s set aside one minute on this day to reflect on our blessings and our challenges.

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Fresh New Dish!

WoFo News

2017 World Forum: Behind the Scenes Insight on the Program

Preparation for the 2017 World Forum program is in full swing. Heather Fox, Communications Director for Dimensions Foundation and World Forum Program Planning Team Member shares with us a behind the scenes look at what goes into preparing the program for the event.

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Global Updates

SRI LANKA — Nanditha Janajeevi Hettitantri, IAG

When the tsunami struck Sri Lanka, children’s lives were dramatically changed. Nanditha Janajeevi Hettitantri shares the need for systems to help children deal with natural disasters.

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Meet People

Dr. Stan Howard Shares the Impact of Men in Early Care and Education

Grounded in research, Dr. Stan Howard provides information on the impact of men being involved at the early childhood level. Citing both the benefits to a child’s social emotional development, as well as the effect it has on men in general. It’s another great day in the Café!

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Share Stories

ARGENTINA – Carmen Hernáez, breaks down communication hierarchies

Carmen Hernáez, Argentina, shares how their ‘puchero’ (stew) method emerged as a way to break down communication barriers and hierarchies with members of marginalized communities, including staff, families and children. They made changes to value each person’s birth language and culture, creating an environment where everyone could feel their presence and contributions mattered.

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Do you have an idea for a great feature in Bonnie’s Global Café? We’d love to hear from you! Email us your name, country, and idea and we will reach out to confirm your reservation.


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