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SRI LANKA — Nanditha Janajeevi Hettitantri, IAG

When the tsunami struck Sri Lanka, children’s lives were dramatically changed. Nanditha Janajeevi Hettitantri shares the need for systems to help children deal with natural disasters.

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Marrtin Bangura, Sierra Leone, Updates Ebola Crisis

The Ebola Crisis in Africa once dominated the news but now is seldom visible through the media, yet the impact on children and families continues. Marrtin Bangura interviews community members to help us understand what is happening for people in the wake of this epidemic.

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Glory Ressler Reports on Ontario’s College of Early Childhood Educators

Ontario, Canada is one of very few jurisdictions where a professional regulatory body for early childhood educators has been legislated. Known as the College of Early Childhood Educators, or College, it protects the public interest and has defined what constitutes professional practice through a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. In this café video, Glory Ressler – eastern Canadian National Representative to the World Forum, interviews the Director of Professional Practice on some key elements of the College and its work to-date.

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Meenakshi Dahal, Nepal, Studies Impact of Earthquake on Children

To our great delight Meenakshi Dahal and Kirsten Haugen joined Roger and me for brunch at the Café. Meenakshi began spending time with children in Bhaktapur, Nepal, after the earthquake, playing together with simple toys. She has collected some of their drawings in order to study how they are coping and to share with others how children use art to express their emotions and ideas following trauma.

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Maysoun Chehab Reports on Refugee Crisis, Lebanon

Roger interviewed Maysoun Chehab, Coordinator of the WF Global Leaders program in the Arab Region, about her work through UNESCO with Syrian refugees. She is passionate about educating children who become refugees so that they live lives of hope rather than despair and disenfranchisement. Listen to this audio interview to hear about this critical work.

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Analesi Tuicaumia Reports on Cyclone Winston

In the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston, Analesi Tuicaumia, reports on the impact on children and families. There is much rebuilding that needs to be done, and Analesi and the early childhood community in Fiji (you will have met some of them at World Forum events) are dedicated to keep children safe and engaged in learning.

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Michael Kelly HIV/AIDS Advocate Update

We are delighted that Michael Kelly, HIV/AIDS advocate from Zambia and member of the WF HIV/AIDS Action Tank, could join us at the Café to share an update on the situation for children impacted by HIV/AIDS around the world.

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Deepak Raj Sapkota Discusses the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake

When tragedy strikes the world focuses on what is happening and what can be done to help. However, the focus quickly shifts to other stories, except for the community impacted.

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