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Dr. Stan Howard Shares the Impact of Men in Early Care and Education

Grounded in research, Dr. Stan Howard provides information on the impact of men being involved at the early childhood level. Citing both the benefits to a child’s social emotional development, as well as the effect it has on men in general. It’s another great day in the Café!

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PERU — Martha Llanos

If you have met Martha Llanos, you know what energy and spirit she brings to each moment of her life. As she talks about childhood memories, we get a glimpse of where her playful spirit came from.

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Vishakha Deshpande, India, Believes in the Power of Storytelling

Whether Vishakha Deshpande is telling stories to children or training adults to enjoy and understand the power of storytelling, her passion for drama, music, and stories shines through. Today, at the Café, we have the chance to see her in action. Enjoy!

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Ron Blatz, Canada, Talks about Men in Early Care and Education

Creating a community of men who work with young children was the impetus for Ron Blatz to take a leadership role in the World Forum Working Group MECE. He takes time out to share time his World Forum experience with us in the Café. It was great that he remembered to make a reservation!

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Anne Sivanathan, Malaysia, Advocates for Inclusive Education

“We all do things differently so I don’t see why we need to do different things for children with special needs,” Anne Subashini Sivanathan. Anne is a member of the Leadership Team for the World Forum Working Group on Including Children with Special Needs. She serves children locally at the Inclusive Outdoor Classroom and advocates for inclusion at every opportunity. We welcome her to the Café today to share her latest television interview.

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Wil Maheia Introduces Florentina, Belize

Wil Maheia plays a leadership role in the WF Nature Action Collaborative for Children. He drops by from Belize to share the story of Florentina, a woman from Toledo who let nothing stand in her way of her goal to bring solar power to a remote village in Toledo.

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Ebenezer Lartey Talks About Being the WF National Representative from Ghana

When Eben dropped by the Café it was a bit noisy, so we went out to his car for a talk. He’s quite excited about taking on responsibilities as a World Forum National Representative and eager to use the World Forum opportunities to make a difference for children in Ghana and the world.

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Tshering Penjor Talks about Education Policies in Bhutan

We asked Karma Gayleg to invite an education advocate from Bhutan to the Café. We are grateful to Tshering Penjor, who works as Senior District Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, for making the link between current education policies and Bhutan’s commitment to a strong and harmonious society.

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