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Bonnie’s Global Cafe on the Road!

Roger and Bonnie are on the road! Hear from them as they travel to Cambodia and meet with old friends in the community, have a discussion with World Forum Global Leaders and explore the city!

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ARGENTINA – Carmen Hernáez, breaks down communication hierarchies

Carmen Hernáez, Argentina, shares how their ‘puchero’ (stew) method emerged as a way to break down communication barriers and hierarchies with members of marginalized communities, including staff, families and children. They made changes to value each person’s birth language and culture, creating an environment where everyone could feel their presence and contributions mattered.

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Etienne Moine, Ecuador, Reports on Support for Earthquake Victims

Etienne Moine and María Vasquez shared their work to create a nurturing environment for children unable to live with their families during 2014 World Forum in Puerto Rico. When they stopped by the Café for coffee, we asked them to share about their response to care for children and families impacted by the earthquake.

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Roslyn Duffy, United States, Creates “Covered with Love”

Using her passion for quilting and her dedication to taking positive action in the world, Roslyn Duffy created a community of quilters to use their energy and artistry to craft beautiful quilts for children in challenging circumstances. Her World Forum connections enabled “Covered with Love” to deliver quilts to children in several parts of the world, including Nepal and Ecuador. Her story inspires us all to do something, rather than talking about doing something.

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Hassan Alwan Houssein Saeed Ba’ey, Iraq, Shares Childhood Memories

A childhood in Iraq is recalled by Hassan Alwan Houssein Saeed Ba’ey. We hear bits in the news about childhoods in places of conflict, so it’s important to understand how life used to be for children. Hassan’s recollections deepen our vision and understandings.

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Meryl Fourie Shares the Story of School Relocation and Resilience, South Africa

Meryl Hewett Fourie is here to share the story of Capella House, the School of Possibilities, a program grounded in the importance of relationships. When violent protests shut down Capella House, school leaders, families, and community members came forward to save this progressive, independent pre primary and primary school in the Noordhoek/Kommetjie Valley. Meryl toured Roger and me to visit several early care and education programs near Cape Town several years ago; tremendous work is done here by amazing people. The powerpoint tells the story.

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Ronald Ssentuuwa Promotes Literacy in Uganda

WF Global Leader Ronald Ssentuuwa advocates for literacy in his country. Today we can observe as he reads to a group of young children in Makerere Kivulu, a slum of Kampala, who are served through a community library. The book he is reading is about animals and family.

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Sue Sterling Reports on Community Library

Sue Sterling, WF National Representative from Canada and member of the WF Indigenous Peoples Action Group, shares the opening of the Nooaitch Indian Band Library built to support and promote literacy skills for First Nations people on reserve or living in rural and remote communities.

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Caroline Hudicourt Reflects on Growing Up in Haiti

Whenever people are asked to talk about their childhoods, the conversation at the Café gets very interesting. In her interview with Dan Huber, Caroline Hudicourt shares reflections on what it was like growing up in Haiti.

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