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Special Message from Roger and Bonnie

Roger and Bonnie Neugebauer sat down together for a cup of coffee and to take time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Bonnie’s Global Cafe!

What’s going to be cooking in the Cafe next? If you are planning on attending 2017 World Forum, you will be very interested to hear what is in store!

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Toast the New Year at Bonnie’s Global Café

Come as you are and choose your own chair. Since this is a virtual place, there is room for absolutely everybody. And, of course, children are welcome. As a special event to celebrate each other, our work, our Community, let’s set aside one minute on this day to reflect on our blessings and our challenges.

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Kenny Spence, Scotland, Performs the World Forum Song

Participants in World Forum 2014 in Puerto Rico will remember when local delegates first invited us all to sing the song they wrote for the World Forum Community. Kenny Spence created his Scottish version of the song, which is currently playing in the Café, and challenges everyone to share their own recording for Café entertainment.

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Magela Guimaraes, Uruguay, Shares a Recipe for Plum Bread

Asked to contribute a recipe, Magela Guimaraes shares this favorite: “This is the plum bread that Gustavo prepared for my birthday. You can imagine it is really simple because my husband cooks once a week and he does pizza, from scratch, but he has learned how to work with the dough.”

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The Gift of the Whale’s Tooth, Fiji

Bula. Any message about Fiji must begin with this welcoming word. To learn about early care and education in Fiji, I journeyed to Nadi and Lautoka in November 2007. Unaisi VasuTuivaga, Ruci Kididromo, Ufemia Camaitoga, Purnima Chand, Minal Ariyan, Ledua Biu Cava, Indra Wati Singh and other World Forum Friends, welcomed me in traditional style with incomparable warmth and attention.

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Recipe for Egg Plant Delight from Amara Amarasinghe, Sri Lanka

Amara Amarasinghe danced for all of us at the first World Forum on Early Care and Education in Honolulu 1999. Today she shares her Mother’s recipe for Egg Plant Delight. This dear Friend is a woman of many talents and her family is very special to her.

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Cherished Treasures from a Trip to Moldova

This beautiful painted tray was purchased in the market in Chisinau, Moldova, when I had the great pleasure of observing child-centeredness in action in the practice of Step by Step teachers at Kindergarten-primary School #152 in October 2009.

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World Forum Song “Together”

Participants at the 2014 World Forum in Puerto Rico will remember when local delegates first invited us all to sing the song they wrote for the World Forum Community.

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