Working Groups

Resources on specific global early childhood issues are compiled by World Forum Working Groups. Each Group creates information and tools to address its specific issue, guided by its Leadership Team and mission.

Children’s Homes

Giving children in residential settings every opportunity to live in a safe and nurturing environment and receive responsive care from trained, educated adults

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Children’s Rights

Promoting the rights of the child through study, reflection and dissemination of information about the multiple perspectives and contexts for children’s rights

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Developing and promoting a small number of clearly stated principles about early childhood curriculum that we can all agree on


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Approaching all work on children’s environments through the lens of valuing the child as capable and miraculous

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Directly linking grassroots organizations that deliver care to young children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS

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Indigenous People

Contributing to a global awareness that values the engagement of Indigenous visions of education

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Men in ECE

Promoting the importance of gender balance in the early childhood education workforce

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Reconnecting children with the natural world through developmentally appropriate nature education

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Peace Building

Building networks of knowledge, support and advocacy for early childhood practice and policies in regions experiencing or emerging from armed conflict

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Inspiring and supporting global efforts to promote play as central to children’s growth, development and learning

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Special Needs

Addressing the myriad issues  facing children with special  needs and their families, and  advocating for their full inclusion

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