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Indigenouss_Featured-ImgThe following resources include projects and conversations that contribute to awareness and inclusion of indigenous visions of education.


The Critical Role of Early Educators in Sustaining Endangered Languages and Cultures

by Barb Carlson, Carolyn Codopony, Karma Gayleg, and Tere Gilbert

Stories and perspectives from Bhutan, Canada, the United States and New Zealand demonstrate the importance, challenges and strategies related to preserving diverse languages and cultures, and the unique role that early education can play in that process.

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Indigenous Children’s Rights: Equality, Inclusion, Human Development

By Martha Llanos, PhD. A presentation to the World Forum Foundation, May 2011

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From Coloured Blocks to Rabbit Snares

“From Coloured Blocks to Rabbit Snares,” an article by Libby Stoker-Lavelle in Cottage North magazine, features our own Barb Carlson discussing ways they’ve transformed their early childhood education training courses to include a greater focus on indigenous culture integration

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Design and Nature: Considerations from the Indigenous People’s Action Group

Considerations on Nature and Design from the Indigenous People’s Action Group

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To contribute to a global awareness that values the engagement of Indigenous vision of education.

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